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Bridgwater Times: Strong protest against Hinkley nuclear reactor plans

PROTESTERS from across the UK are expected to descend on Hinkley Point nuclear power station to protest against EDF's plans for two new reactors.

According to protest group Stop Hinkley, more than 100 people have already pledged to join a "symbolic" day-long mass blockade at the site's entrance from 7am on Monday, October 3.

On Saturday, October 1, anti-nuclear activists are to join locals in a march from French energy giant EDF's Bridgwater HQ to a rally in the town centre from 1-4pm.

The new Hinkley reactors would be the first of eight nuclear power stations to be built in the UK.

Blockade spokesman Andreas Speck said: "This blockade is designed to warn the Government and EDF that those who understand the real dangers of nuclear power are not prepared to stand by and allow these untried, untested reactors to be built.

"The blockade demonstrates that people are prepared to use civil disobedience to stop the bulldozers from coming in and paving the way for a potentially lethal technology that has no place in the 21st century."

In a message of support to campaigners, environmentalist Jonathon Porritt said: "The position of the Government is extraordinary, given how the rest of the world has reacted to the Fukushima disaster.

"Nuclear has no part to play in the UK's energy mix.

"We can achieve everything we need in terms of secure, low-carbon energy primarily from energy efficiency, renewables and combined heat and power.

The blockade is supported by Stop Hinkley, Stop Nuclear Power Network UK, Kick Nuclear, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Sizewell Blockaders, Shut Down Sizewell and Trident Ploughshares.


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