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Mass blockade of Hinkley nuclear power station announced

With Italy being the latest European country to reject nuclear power, a coalition of anti-nuclear groups in Britain has announced plans to hold a mass non-violent blockade of Hinkley Point nuclear power station on 3rd October. The plant, near Bridgwater in Somerset, is expected to be the site of the first new nuclear power station, if current plans go ahead.

Non-violence guidelines

These guidelines spell out the objectives, the basis of nonviolence and the principles of decision making; they serve as the foundation of our action.

Within our non-violent action, we want to act jointly according to the action guidelines below. This does not mean that everyone has to accept these guidelines as their own worldview – they are only an agreement for this action.

The Problems with Nuclear Power

Renewables and efficiency are faster, cheaper, safer and cleaner

A compilation of information from various named sources by Angie Zelter, 31st May 2011.

Without access to water and power, any nuclear plant is a Fukushima waiting to happen.

1. Nuclear Power is Dangerous and a Threat to Security


No reactors are accident-proof and a serious accident could happen in any power station as a result of technical defect or human error, releasing large quantities of radioactivity into the environment.

Map of Hinkley Point

Hinkley Point is located at the Severn Estuary, near Bridgwater. See the map below.

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Stop New Nuclear. Stop the next generation of nuclear power stations with a blockade at Hinkley Point Join us at Hinkley on 3 October 2011

Help us to promote the campaign and action on 3 October by downloading and distributing the attached flier.

You can also send us an email or a letter to request copies of the flier. We would welcome donations to cover the expenses for postage.



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