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Stop New Nuclear in the press

EAEM: Protestors mark Fukushima anniversary by blockade of EDF nuclear site

The one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami on Japan's north east coast was marked in the UK over the weekend by the first 24-hour blockade of a nuclear site in over 30 years.

Following a demonstration by over 1,000 people at Hinkley Point C on the Severn estuary in Somerset, which veteran campaigner Martyn Lowe described as the largest anti-nuclear action in this country since protests against the Torness power station in 1979, 100 people blocked the main entrance to the site, stopping all traffic from entering or leaving for over 24 hours.

Western Daily Press: Hinkley Point: Anti-nuclear demonstration blocks main road to Somerset complex

The first large-scale anti-nuclear protest in the country for years injected a dash of colour to the misty plain of Hinkley Point as flag-waving demonstrators blocked the main road to the nuclear complex at the weekend.

The protesters, numbering at least 1,000, were joined by environmentalists Jonathon Porritt and Caroline Lucas MP to decry the Government’s plan for more nuclear power stations.

Press Association: Activists blockade nuclear plant

Anti-nuclear protesters have completed a 24-hour blockade of the entrance to Hinkley Point nuclear power station, marking the first anniversary of the disaster at the Fukushima power station in Japan.

The Stop New Nuclear alliance hailed the rally as the "largest anti-nuclear protest in three decades" with up to 1,000 demonstrators surrounding the site on Saturday.

Protesters were also demonstrating over plans to build the first new nuclear reactors in Britain on the site.

BBC News Somerset: Fukushima demo at Hinkley Point nuclear power station

Hundreds of protesters have gathered at Hinkley Point nuclear power station in Somerset to mark the first anniversary of the Fukushima disaster in Japan.

The demonstrators planned to blockade the site for 24 hours.

Gordon Bell, spokesman for the station owner EDF, said Hinkley Point B had a "full and proper review" to ensure EDF learnt from the lessons of Fukushima.

The Japanese nuclear plant was destroyed in a tsunami on 11 March 2011, leaving massive contamination.

Burnham-on-Sea.com: Crowds of protesters converge on Hinkley Point for Fukushima rally

Large crowds of protesters gathered at Hinkley Point nuclear power station, near Burnham-On-Sea, on Saturday (March 10th) to mark the first anniversary of the Fukushima disaster in Japan.

The protesters walked around the three mile perimeter fence to call for an end to the government's 'nuclear renaissance' in the wake of the Japanese tsunami tragedy in which over 20,000 people died.

Bloomberg: EDF’s U.K. Hinkley Nuclear Power Site Faces Protests Next Month

Electricite de France SA’s Hinkley Point nuclear power station in southwest England will next month be targeted by protestors against new reactors in the U.K.

The Stop New Nuclear Alliance, a grouping of campaigners who oppose nuclear power stations, plans to blockade the station for 24 hours from about 5 p.m. on March 11, Zoe Smith, a campaigner helping arrange the protest, said by telephone from Bristol today. Protesters will gather at the site from midday, she said.

County Times: Powys protest goes to Somerset

A KNIGHTON woman led a group of protesters from across Wales to Somerset to fight EDF Energy’s plans to build two new nuclear reactors next to the existing nuclear site.

Angie Zelter, a resident of Knighton and Knighton Peace and Justice member, helped organise the blockade on Saturday, October 1, to the EDF regional HQ in Bridgwater, and at the Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station in Somerset on Monday, October 3.

Morning Star online: Activists blockade nuclear plant

More than 200 people blockaded a nuclear power station yesterday in protest at plans to build new reactors at the site.

The Stop New Nuclear alliance, which is composed of several anti-nuclear groups, says it is barring access to Hinkley Point power station in Somerset in protest at EDF Energy's intention to construct two new reactors.

These would be the first of eight new nuclear power stations to be built in Britain.

Western Morning News: Anti-nuclear alliance vows 'resistance' to Hinkley build

Protesters who blockaded a nuclear power station yesterday have said their actions were a "phenomenal success" in shedding light on opposition to new nuclear reactors.

Members of several anti-nuclear groups who are part of the Stop New Nuclear alliance barred access to Hinkley Point power station in Somerset in protest against EDF Energy's plans to renew the site with two new reactors.

Stop New Nuclear claimed more than 200 people took part in the peaceful "celebration of resistance" – which saw just one arrest – while EDF said the number of protesters was closer to 100.

Western Daily Press: Somerset's Hinkley Point nuclear plant blockaded by campaigners

More than 200 anti-nuclear campaigners blockaded Hinkley Point nuclear power station yesterday to protest against Government proposals for a new wave of nuclear power stations, set to start with Hinkley C.

But EDF Energy, the French-owned company which runs Hinkley, said the long-planned blockade had no effect on the Somerset nuclear plant.

It said deliveries were brought forward and the workforce arrived on site early.

The company said it accepted the campaigners’ right to peaceful protest and it was “business as usual”.


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