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Stop New Nuclear Newsletter no 12, 14th January 2012

Dear all,
Happy New Year, especially to all those whose resolutions included stopping the nuclear renaissance in its tracks!

Preparatory Land Trash
This spring sees EdF energy pushing ahead to try and start preparatory works at Hinkley Point in Somerset within the next few months. This would include felling of trees, destruction of hedgerows, exclusion of wildlife including the local badger and bat populations, and major earthworks. All on a site protected by European law for its ecological value.
There is currently a major obstruction to this in the form of local landowner Lady Gass, who sold 230 acres of her land to EdF, but is now holding out permission for the preparatory works to go ahead until she is reassured that the power station will actually be built. EdF will not be able to confirm it has the funding for this until the end of the year, if it can wrangle enough subsidies from the government.

We are very busy mobilising for the surround and blockade action on March 10th (the surround) and 11th (blockaders will still be there!) at Hinkley. This is in solidarity with the people of Fukushima who continue to suffer from the ongoing nuclear disaster in their province which will be a year old in March. Similar actions will be taking place worldwide. Despite the claims of the Japanese Government that the station is in cold shutdown, recent reports indicate that the earthquake at the beginning of this year caused damage to the spent fuel pool of reactor four, putting it at risk of boiling dry, more here: http://enenews.com/category/japan/fukushima-reactors/spent-fuel-pools/sp...,
See the women of Fukushima stating their case at the top of the page http://youtu.be/MzxEyc_2gRY

Have Your Say
Meanwhile the Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC) has accepted EdF's application. The deadline to register your objections is January 23rd. Please do so here: http://infrastructure.independent.gov.uk/projects/south-west/hinkley-poi...

NPS Judicial Review
On 12 December 2011, Greenpeace was informed that its application for a judicial review of the Government‘s decision to designate eight sites for new nuclear power stations in the Nuclear National Policy Statement before learning the lessons from the Fukushima had been refused. In his ruling, however, Mr Justice Ouseley gave an important clarification as to the authority of the IPC and the ONR (Office for Nuclear Regulation) to consider evidence on site and project specific issues in their assessment of applications for planning permission or licensing of nuclear sites. They must give proper consideration to a wide range of site and project specific matters, including flood risk, off-site electricity supplies, on-site emergency controls and off-site communications. Greenpeace UK will be bringing the implications and lessons from the disaster at Fukushima to bear on each of the planning and licensing processes.
More here: http://www.no2nuclearpower.org.uk/nuclearnews/NuClearNewsNo36.pdf

What Evacuation Plan??
Take a look at the EdF Energy Brief on the off site Nuclear Emergency Plan on the South West Against Nuclear blog if you don't wish to be reassured... http://southwestagainstnuclear.wordpress.com/
Local Councils and emergency services across the UK are totally unprepared for a Fukushima type accident, whether it is at a power station or en route of a rail transport of nuclear waste.

There will be a demonstration with speakers at Wylfa on Saturday 21st January in support of the owners of Caedegog Farm who are resisting compulsory purchase of their land to build the Wylfa B station, next in line after Hinkley in the Government's plans. 2.30pm, Saturday 21 January, Car Park, Glanhwfa Road, Llangefni. There are also plans for a regional event on 10 or 11 March at Wylfa, and we will provide more information as soon as it is available. http://stopnuclearpoweruk.net/content/protest-support-caedegog-farm-llan...

Mobilise for Surround Hinkley and Blockade Hinkley in March 2012
The coming year will be crucial, if we want to stop new nuclear in Britain. It is clear that the nuclear industry is getting ready, but we can stop them. To ‘Surround Hinkley’ on 10 March 2012 is to demand to have a voice in decisions about our energy future. Help to make this a festival of creative resistance with music, art, theatre, banners, and whatever takes your fancy! To mark the end of the ‘Surround’, there will be a gathering at the main gate of Hinkley for a rally and music. The preliminary timeline of events is:
Saturday, 10 March 2012

  • 12pm: assemble in front of Hinkley Point
  • 1pm-3/3.30pm: surround Hinkley Point.
  • 3.30pm-6pm: rally and music in front of the main gate of Hinkley Point
  • 6pm: End of the "surround Hinkley" action. Spokescouncil to begin the blockade of Hinkley Point.
  • Blockade continues until about 2pm on Sunday, 11 March 2012.
  • Please help to spread the message by either downloading the flier, or ask us to send you a pack. We welcome some donation to cover postage, but even if you can't - we need to get the message out!
    Please pledge to take part in the action(s) at
    http://stopnewnuclear.org.uk/pledges, and encourage friends, colleagues, family, etc to also take the pledge. We need to send a strong message that we will not accept new nuclear, and that we will resist. Get in touch with us if you want to organise a minibus or put on a coach.

    In order to stop new nuclear power in the UK we need to work together efficiently and look after each other. With this aim Stop New Nuclear are organising training for those planning to take part in the mass action at Hinkley Point The free training will prepare people with techniques and strategies for civil disobedience and non-violent direct action, and provide reassurance and information for those new to this type of activity. It will also provide people with the tools needed for effective consensus decision making. These sessions will be invaluable in the formation of affinity groups (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affinity_group), and local networking. If you feel you could help organise a training session in your area please get in touch. We will provide information and support to make it happen. There will also be training in February for those interested in providing legal support during and after the action.
    Email training [at] stopnewnuclear.org.uk
    Phone 0845-2872381
    Updates on trainings will be posted on our website at

    The new action to surround Hinkley, and the 24 hour blockade, will need a lot of money to make them happen. We expect that we will need about £11,000 to organise the action, print fliers and posters, etc. We need your help to make it happen. You can help us by organising a fundraiser, asking your local Quaker meeting to make a collection for Stop New Nuclear, or simply by donating and asking friends to donate. Please give generously. You can donate online at http://stopnewnuclear.org.uk/donate, or you can send a cheque made payable to Stop New Nuclear to: Stop New Nuclear
    c/o 5 Caledonian Road
    London N1 9DX
    Thank you!
    Stop New Nuclear

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