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Stop New Nuclear Newsletter 13

Stop New Nuclear
A campaign to stop new nuclear power stations
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Stop New Nuclear Newsletter no 13, 30th January 2012

Dear all,
the action against EDF's plan to build a new power plant at Hinckley Point on the 10 and 11 March 2012 is well on its way, with more and more people pledging to blockade the building site on the anniversary of the Fukushima disaster. Pledge now to take action and stop the nuclear renaissance in Britain. http://stopnewnuclear.org.uk/pledges

Wylfa Action huge success
The demonstration at Wylfa on Saturday 21st January was a huge success. Hundreds came out in support of the owners of Caedegog Farm who are resisting compulsory purchase of their land to build the Wylfa B station, next in line after Hinkley in the Government's plans. Anti-Nuclear activists from around the country came together, showing the growing strength of the movement in the country. http://stop-wylfa.org/wp/?p=362

SWAN and Stop Hinkley campaigners visit the IPC in Bristol
South West Against Nuclear (SWAN) and Stop Hinkley activists gathered on Monday 23 Jan 2012 at Bristol's office of the Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC) to submit their objections to EDF's application to build Hinkley Point C. Stop Hinkley also handed the IPC a copy of a 13,000 signature petition collected in Somerset saying "we do not want Hinkley C." Stop Hinkley campaign points out that the IPC process is fundamentally undemocratic. Nikki Clarke, a Stop Hinkley campaigner, says, " In a post Fukushima world, not being able to question the legitimacy of nuclear power is undemocratic."

Great News: Oldbury finally shutting down
One chance less for a Fukushima type disaster in the UK. 'It is the final countdown for Oldbury Nuclear Power Station as it has confirmed it will be shutting down its last reactor on February 29. The site’s operational life was supposed to end more than three years ago but was extended until 2012', reports the Gloucestershire Gazette
Cheers to this great news. Now we just need to make sure that all British nuclear power plants will end production asap and - of course - to prevent the nuclear renaissance.

Chris Huhne: the real cost of nuclear energy
Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Chris Huhne, considers re-naming his department: So high are the cost to clean up the mess of five decades nuclear power in Britain, that he expects to spent up to two thirds of his department's budget on nuclear clean-up in 2012.
Huhne told parliament:
'The hon. Lady asks an important and interesting question, because I am determined that on the new nuclear programme we should be as open as we can be about all the considerations. Anybody looking at our past historic nuclear programme would have to be shocked. The hon. Member for Hove (Mike Weatherley) has already mentioned the £100 billion cost of potential liabilities. On an ongoing basis, that means that literally 55% of the Department’s budget this year [2011] is being spent on nuclear clean-up. Perhaps it should be called not the Department of Energy and Climate Change, but the Department for nuclear and coal clean-up, energy and climate change. That percentage goes up to two thirds next year [2012], so the ministerial team is acutely aware of the importance of ensuring that this never happens again.'
(At Column 193)

Chris Huhne used to be a stern opponent of nuclear power. Alas, that was before he joined government in 2010 and somewhat magically came to embrace new nuclear in Britain.

Uranium Mining: nuclear is not 'clean energy'
Some background news from Tanzania on the dirty business that is Uranium Mining: Bahi wetland is situated about 50km west of Tanzania’s capital city Dodoma. This wetland is of enormous value for food security and income generation in the semi arid landscape of central Tanzania and beyond. Actually this unique natural resource is threatened by plans for uranium mining pushed forward by Tanzanian government and foreign investors. Local resistance against the project is growing.
As a local activist says in an interview, local people use the area for subsistence agriculture, 'we can't eat Uranium'. Listen to the interview:
We can support the local protest by ending demand: Stop Nuclear Power now!

Fukushima update
We are very busy mobilising for the surround and blockade action on March 10th (the surround) and 11th (blockaders will still be there!) at Hinkley. This is in solidarity with the people of Fukushima who continue to suffer from the ongoing nuclear disaster in their province, which will be a year old in March.
Recent reports from Japan show the inaptitude of authorities to deal with a nuclear disaster, putting workers health at risk. As the Japanese newspaper Mainichi reports, the health ministry has not added up the radiation doses received by workers at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant while they were evacuated or are not at work, ministry officials and supporters of the workers said Saturday, prompting concerns about adequacy of the current radiation control.


Meanwhile Tepco announced on the 23 January that reactor 3, which had the most viscous of all of the explosions last March, currently shows radiation levels of over 70 million Bq per hour! No surprise then that activists in Canada are experiencing radiation levels that are 5 times higher than usual. Tepco claims that the high radiation levels result from workers removing rubble from the reactors and continue to claims that everything is under control in the cold shut down. Yeah right Tepco!

Mobilise for Surround Hinkley and Blockade Hinkley in March 2012
Let's ‘Surround Hinkley’ on 10 March 2012 to demand to have a voice in decisions about our energy future. Help to make this a festival of creative resistance with music, art, theatre, banners, and whatever takes your fancy! To mark the end of the ‘Surround’, there will be a gathering at the main gate of Hinkley for a rally and music. The preliminary timeline of events is:
Saturday, 10 March 2012

  • 12pm: assemble in front of Hinkley Point
  • 1pm-3/3.30pm: surround Hinkley Point.
  • 3.30pm-6pm: rally and music in front of the main gate of Hinkley Point
  • 6pm: End of the "surround Hinkley" action. Spokescouncil to begin the blockade of Hinkley Point.
  • Blockade continues until about 2pm on Sunday, 11 March 2012.
  • Please help to spread the message by either downloading the flier, or ask us to send you a pack. We welcome some donation to cover postage, but even if you can't - we need to get the message out!
    Please pledge to take part in the action(s) at
    http://stopnewnuclear.org.uk/pledges, and encourage friends, colleagues, family, etc to also take the pledge. We need to send a strong message that we will not accept new nuclear, and that we will resist. Get in touch with us if you want to organise a minibus or put on a coach.

    In order to stop new nuclear power in the UK we need to work together efficiently and look after each other. With this aim Stop New Nuclear are organising training for those planning to take part in the mass action at Hinkley Point The free training will prepare people with techniques and strategies for civil disobedience and non-violent direct action, and provide reassurance and information for those new to this type of activity. It will also provide people with the tools needed for effective consensus decision making. These sessions will be invaluable in the formation of affinity groups (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affinity_group), and local networking. If you feel you could help organise a training session in your area please get in touch. We will provide information and support to make it happen. There will also be training in February for those interested in providing legal support during and after the action.
    Email training [at] stopnewnuclear.org.uk
    Phone 0845-2872381
    Updates on trainings will be posted on our website at

    The new action to surround Hinkley, and the 24 hour blockade, will need a lot of money to make them happen. We expect that we will need about £11,000 to organise the action, print fliers and posters, etc. We need your help to make it happen. You can help us by organising a fundraiser, asking your local Quaker meeting to make a collection for Stop New Nuclear, or simply by donating and asking friends to donate. Please give generously. You can donate online at http://stopnewnuclear.org.uk/donate, or you can send a cheque made payable to Stop New Nuclear to: Stop New Nuclear
    c/o 5 Caledonian Road
    London N1 9DX
    Thank you!
    Stop New Nuclear

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