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Stop New Nuclear newsletter no 16, 7 March 2012: Three days to go until Surround Hinkley

Dear all,

only three days to go until Surround Hinkley on 10 March, and the 24 hour blockade of Hinkley Point. Three days for a last push to mobilise people to join us at Hinkley Point, and say "No more Fukushimas! No new nuclear in Britain!"

This newsletter gives some last important updates for everyone wanting to join the Surround Hinkley action and/or the 24 hour blockade this weekend, so please read it and pass it on.

Flood risks at nuclear sites underestimated

The Guardian reported today that as many as 12 of Britain's 19 civil nuclear sites are at risk of flooding and coastal erosion because of climate change, according to an unpublished government analysis obtained by the paper. According to the Guardian, nine of the sites have been assessed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) as being vulnerable now, with others in danger from rising sea levels and storms in future decades. They include all of the eight sites proposed for new nuclear power stations around the coast, as well as numerous radioactive waste stores, operating reactors and defunct nuclear facilities.

For Hinkley Point, where the first of the new nuclear stations is planned (and being resisted!) and there are reactors in operation and being decommissioned, according to Defra, it presently has a "low" risk of flooding, and by the 2080s will face a high risk of both flooding and erosion - in short, not a place where you should even consider building a nuclear power station.

The previously unpublished report has now been released following a Freedom of Information request. This new revelation about government cover-up of information follows only a month after the publication of the shocking report by Unlock Democracy and The Association for Conservation of EnergyA Corruption of Governance?” (PDF), which revealed how data provided to MPs and parliament during discussions on national energy policy was skewed in favour of the ‘new nuclear’ option.

The report concluded that this corruption of governance can only be rectified if Parliament re-opens this debate, and MPs vote on this issue having seen the correct information.

Practical infos for 10/11 March

Legal updates

We still recommend that everyone wanting to participate in either the surround or blockade action reads our legal briefing carefully. Following from today's police liaison meeting, we have one very important addition for everyone who visited Langborough Barn while it was occupied: As reported in the last newsletter, we have been successful in fighting an injunction by EDF against several anti-nuclear organisations, which would have seriously restricted our right to protest. However, EDF was granted an injunction against three named individuals and unnamed persons occupying the barn.
We have checked in with police, who believe a question mark hangs over who could be counted as occupying the barn. If you were there they probably got your photograph and might accuse you of occupying even if you were just visiting. This means the injunction EDF secured last week might be applied to you, as one of the persons unnamed. This is debatable, but you might have to get arrested and go to court for them to try and prove it, and we don't think its worth it.
Don't worry. This shouldn't affect your involvement in the protest as long as you stick to the following advice. The terms of the injunction allow people to be on the main road and the public footpaths. If you obstruct workers from going about their business on the footpaths around the development site, (not the existing power stations) then that could be a problem, if in doubt you can follow the footpath heading east to surround, away from the development site.
The main issue that might affect us is that they will apply the conditions of the injunction to people using the car park, which is on their land. So to be safe, if you have visited the barn, please don't enter the car park, (you can always hop out of the car on the road at the car park entrance if someone else is driving).
The implications of breaking the injunction are either a fine, and/or up to five years in prison, (which is unlikely to be used in this instance).

Legal support

The legal support team will be on site to support you. We will:

  • Coordinate legal observers
  • Try to record every arrest
  • Find out which police station you are in
  • Pick you up from the police station, and bring you to either Bridgwater coach or train station. Neither the legal support team nor Stop New Nuclear can do more to get you home.
  • Inform the court support team if you have to go to court

It is important to note that the legal support team does not provide legal advice. The number of the legal support team during the two days is 07887 802879.

Legal observers still needed - legal observer briefing

We are still short of legal observers for the Surround and blockade of Hinkley Point, and everyone coming to both of the actions should consider whether he or she can act as a legal observer. There will be a last briefing for legal observers on Saturday at 10:30am, in the car park provided by EDF, on the left of Wick Moore Drove, the access road to Hinkley Point power station. This is the same car park as last time.

The legal support backoffice van will also be stationed in the car park, so if you have any questions, that's the place to go. But should there be arrest, please don't go there too often to ask after your friends - information on those arrested will be provided as soon as it becomes available.


There is now a Bridgwater shuttle on 10 March. On Saturday a shuttle minibus will travel between Bridgwater train station and Hinkley Point.
There will be a shuttle at about 11:15, and another one about 30 minutes later. Otherwise as needed. Shuttles will return from Hinkley Point to Bridgwater after the end of the rally, at about 5.30/6.00pm.
A shuttle will also be available on Sunday, especially to get people back to Bridgwater after the end of the blockade.
Call the info line for more information: 0845 287 2381

Up to now, we are aware of coaches or minibuses from London, Bristol, Glastonbury, Exeter, and Leicester (picking up in Nottingham too). Please check back at http://stopnewnuclear.org.uk/transportsurroundhinkley.

Birminham training: apologies

Apologies to everyone who wanted to come to the Birmingham training, and especially to those who even went there, only to find out that it didn't happen. Due to some miscommunication, there was no room booked for the training, which also the trainer only found out on arrival. There was no other option than to cancel the training.

Speakers during Surround Hinkley

We have so far been able to confirm several speakers for Surround Hinkley on 10 March. Caroline Lucas MP will address all of us just before we begin to surround the power station, at about 12:45pm! So please get there on time.

The rally will begin after the surround action, at about 3.30pm. Confirmed are:

  • Leading environmentalist Jonathon Porritt will join demonstrators at Hinkley Point nuclear power station in Somerset to mark the first anniversary of the Fukushima disaster - and to call for a halt to nuclear energy expansion.
  • Mr and Mrs Ishiyama will be telling demonstrators at Hinkley Point how they left their home in Fukushima City six months after the nuclear disaster because of concerns over the impact of radiation contamination on them and their young child. Mr Ishiyama is currently working as a graphic designer, and his wife is dental assistant. They now live in Obihiro, Hokkaido.
  • Kate Hudson from CND will make the links between civil and military use of nuclear energy.
  • Steven Mitchell from Sortir du nucléaire, the French nuclear phaseout network, will bring their solidarity greetings and talk about EDF in France.

Seize The Day will provide musical entertainment before and after the surround. They will hopefully be joined by other bands or individual musicians which are not yet confirmed.

Timeline for surround and blockade

Assuming everything goes according to plan, this will be the schedule for the two days:

  • Saturday, 10 March 2012
    • 12pm: assemble in front of Hinkley Point
    • 1pm: Beginning of surround Hinkley Point. People will start to surround the power station using the footpaths
    • 2pm: Surrounding Hinkley Point with a wave of noise. Please bring something to make noise
    • 2.15pm-3.30pm: Return to the gate
    • 3.30pm-6pm: rally and music in front of the main gate of Hinkley Point
    • 6pm: End of the "surround Hinkley" action. Beginning of blockade
  • Sunday, 11 March
    • Blockade continues until about 2pm on Sunday, 11 March 2012.

Come prepared!

We cannot drive home the message often enough: come prepared to Hinkley Point on 10/11 March! Although the weather forcecast isn't too bad, it's also not too good, and unreliable. So better be prepared for the worst.
We already published a packing list in our last newsletter, but we want to drive home the message, so here it goes again:

Blockading Badgers.jpg

The following packing list is only a basic suggestion of essentials for the surround action:

  • warm clothes, plus a second set as change, should you get wet
  • waterproofs (jackets and trousers)
  • wellingtons (the footpaths are muddy)
  • food for the days
  • water for the days and/or a thermos with hot drinks
  • something to make noise during the surround

The following packing list is only a basic suggestion of essentials for the 24 hour blockade:

  • warm clothes, plus a second set as change, should you get wet
  • waterproofs (jackets and trousers)
  • wellingtons (the footpaths are muddy)
  • camping mats and/or camping chairs to sit on
  • a warm sleeping bag or bivy for the night, and/or possibly a pop-up tent
  • food for two days
  • water for two days and/or a thermos with hot drinks

Other actions on 10/11 March

So far, we are aware of action at two other nuclear power stations in the UK on 10/11 March 2012:

Please join one of these activities if you live nearby.

Sizewell Camp, 20-22 April 2012

Spend a sunny weekend camping on the beach at Sizewell and learning about the plans for the new power station. Come and show your opposition to nuclear power and your support for sustainable energy solutions. The weekend includes a protest at the nuclear power station entrance, workshops and skill shares, woodland and beach walks, vegan food and networking. Now is the time to take action against new build – come join us to say ‘Nuclear power – No thanks!’
More information at http://stopnuclearpoweruk.net/content/sizewell-camp-2012.


The new action to surround Hinkley, and the 24 hour blockade, will need a lot of money to make them happen. We expect that we will need about £11,000 to organise the action, print fliers and posters, etc. We need your help to make it happen. You can help us by organising a fundraiser, asking your local Quaker meeting to make a collection for Stop New Nuclear, or simply by donating and asking friends to donate. Please give generously. You can donate online at http://stopnewnuclear.org.uk/donate, or you can send a cheque made payable to Stop New Nuclear to:

Stop New Nuclear
c/o 5 Caledonian Road
London N1 9DX

Thank you!
Stop New Nuclear

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