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Stop New Nuclear gathering 2011, Bristol, November 2011

This page will soon provide more information about the upcoming Stop New Nuclear gathering 2011 on 5 and 6 November in Bristol.

The camp, demonstration, and blockade of Hinkley Point was not a one-off, nor was it the end - it should be the beginning of a powerful and creative anti nuclear power movement in Britain, that will stop the plans for eight new nuclear power stations in its tracks. To make this happen, we need you!

We are therefore organising a Stop New Nuclear gathering in Bristol on 5/6 November, to discuss and plan the next campaigns and actions against nuclear new build in Britain. Please get involved - we need to grow as a movement, and this means we need more people organising our actions.

The objective of the Stop New Nuclear gathering is mainly to discuss the next steps for Stop New Nuclear. There are some proposals already:

Besides concrete actions, we should also have a discussion on:

  • broadening the alliance
  • producing materials
  • presence in the country (getting groups to work locally on nuclear)

Draft agenda for Stop New Nuclear gathering

Saturday, 5 November

2pm: Opening

  • reflection on six months of Stop New Nuclear: what has been achieved (Hinkley blockade, etc).
  • evaluation of Hinkley blockade, but also of state of anti nuclear power movement

3pm: Building the movement
What is necessary to grow as a movement? What is already there (not just Stop New Nuclear, but also the member groups of the alliance, Greenpeace (their legal stuff), other local groups, CONNED, etc.)
Possibly also looking at alliances: Climate Justice, against fracking, tar sands, biofuels, etc. What is the paradigm shift we need?
This session might be longer, preferably repeatedly broken up into smaller groups. At the end of it, we should have a bit of a vision of our movement, and some outlines how to get there/what needs doing.

5pm: Proposals for action
Development and discussion of concrete action proposals

7pm: Dinner
Dinner will probably to some degree be self-organised

Time for networking or self-organised discussions.

Sunday, 6 November

9.30am: Continuing discussion on concrete actions
Decisions on priorities and responsibilities for planned actions.
Time for first working group/core group meetings, to move plans along. It is important that we end the meeting with concrete timelines and task lists, otherwise actions might not happen

Closing session
Evaluation of the meeting.

1pm: end of the Stop New Nuclear gathering

2-4pm: Meeting of alliance/core group
This is meant to be a brief meeting to tie up loose ends, and to make decisions on tasks, communications structure, etc.

We are still finalising the practicalities, but it is extremely important that you register for the gathering, especially if you want a place to stay.

The gathering will take place at:

The Factory, 5-8 Cave St, St Pauls, Bristol BS2 (NOTE: change of venue)

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Please bring cold food to share, there is electric so we can bring tea and coffee and a kettle.

Crash space provided by activist of South West Against Nuclear (SWAN) from Bristol, but please bring a mat and sleeping bag, and register, so that we know you need accommodation.

If you have any ideas for action, please share them in our ideas forum at

Please register for the Stop New Nuclear gathering at

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