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Stop New Nuclear in the press

Stop New Nuclear group plans protests against Hinkley expansion

Campaigners opposed to the UK's government's nuclear expansion programme are planning a series of events at Hinkley Point power station near Burnham-On-Sea.

From September 11th, the Stop New Nuclear group will be holding a series of events to highlight what they claim are the dangers of nuclear power – and to demand safer alternatives.

This will culminate in a mass blockade of Hinkley Point power station on October 3rd.

Western Daily Press: Nuclear plants get the go-ahead on the day the West changed forever

The landscape of the West changed irrevocably yesterday as the Government made it the hub of the UK’s nuclear future.

The region is the only part of the country that will host two new nuclear power plants, ratcheting up to boiling point the already high tension between the opposing camps.

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne gave the green light to eight new reactors, including ones at both Hinkley Point in Somerset and Oldbury in South Gloucestershire.

This is the West Country: Protesters plan Hinkley Point blockade

By Matthew Colledge

ANTI-NUCLEAR campaigners are planning a massive blockade of Hinkley Point this autumn in protest at plans for C station.

Several anti-nuclear groups are uniting to blockade the nuclear power plant site on October 3.

Hinkley Point has been chosen for the gathering, described as a ‘Gandhi-style civil disobedience’, because it is the first of eight proposed UK sites for new nuclear builds.

The blockade is the first action of Stop New Nuclear – an alliance of local and national groups opposed to new nuclear stations. Expansion of Hinkley Point nuclear power station moves step closer

The multi-billion pound expansion of Hinkley Point power station near Burnham-On-Sea came a step closer on Thursday (June 23rd) when the government announced the nuclear plant is on a list of eight sites deemed suitable for new power stations by the year 2025.

The announcement comes despite the Fukushima disaster in Japan when the future of nuclear was called into question in several countries when the huge earthquake and tsunami caused a meltdown in the reactors with radioactivity leaking from the plant.

BBC: New UK nuclear plant sites named

Ministers have announced plans for the next generation of UK nuclear plants.

The government confirmed a list of eight sites it deems suitable for new power stations by 2025, all of which are adjacent to existing nuclear sites.

The sites are: Bradwell, Essex; Hartlepool; Heysham, Lancashire; Hinkley Point, Somerset; Oldbury, Gloucestershire; Sellafield, Cumbria; Sizewell, Suffolk; and Wylfa, Anglesey.

The announcement comes three months after the Fukushima disaster in Japan.

Bridgwater Times: Blockade plan to halt 'nuclear renaissance' in Somerset

BRIDGWATER is set to be the national focus of one of the biggest protests seen against nuclear power in this country.

Anti-nuclear campaigners are joining forces to blockade Hinkley Point nuclear power plant.

Since the Fukushima nuclear power station was fatally crippled by the Japanese tsunami earlier this year, an increasing number of countries have decided to veto nuclear power.

Exmoor Today: Anti-nuclear protesters plan mass blockade of Hinkley

ANTI-nuclear campaigners from all over the UK are planning to converge on West Somerset later this year for a “mass non-violent blockade” of Hinkley Point.

Groups across the country have united for the protests and refer to the event as a “Ghandi-style display of civil disobedience”.

They openly admit they will be risking arrest by blockading the access road to the site but believe the it is a risk worth taking to get their message across to the Government.


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