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Stop New Nuclear newsletter no 6, 25 September 2011

Dear all,

one week to go, and we - the Stop New Nuclear team - are really exited now about the blockade of Hinkley Point on 3 October. We now have almost 280 pledges in total, so please continue to get your friends, colleagues, family or fellow activists to pledge, so that we can reach the 300. Since last week, we also received some more organisational pledges: the BI Umweltschutz Lüchow-Dannenberg from Germany, and Bristol CND, Falmouth Friends of the Earth, No Need for Nuclear and the Nuclear Consulting Group. This shows that support for the blockade of Hinkley Point is still growing.

News from Hinkley

EDF is running into problems with its plans to house thousands of temporary workers needed to build Hinkley Point C. EDF wants to build housing on a site owned by Innovia Films on the outskirts of Bridgwater. But Innovia already has planning permission for the construction of homes and a school on the site, and construction is under way.
The Infrastructure Planning Commission, which will ultimately decide on an application for the construction of Hinkley Point C, allowed EDF Energy access to the land owned by Innovia, to carry out exploratory survey work on the site.
A judge now granted Innovia a judicial review of the decision by the IPC. (see BBC News, 22 September 2011)

Stop Hinkley is raising funds for a legal challenge to West Somerset Council's decision to grant EDF permission to carry out preparatory work on the site, even though EDF is still far from a permission to construct the power station itself. Stop Hinkley needs to raise about £15,000 for this legal challenge, to please support Stop Hinkley. More information at

Stop New Nuclear camp

In less than a week, we will start setting up the Stop New Nuclear camp. We have now about 85 registration for the camp, and registrations keep coming in. If you have not registered yet, please do so as soon as possible at, we will then send you direction how to get to the camp.
We will have regular information sessions in the camp, and on Saturday and Sunday there is a last chance to participate in non-violence training in the camp. Please contact us on training [at] if you are interested on one of the training workshops in the camp. Or give us a call on 0845-2872381.
Below is an outline of the camp agenda. But please be aware that changes to the agenda are still possible.

Friday, 30th September

8am - Breakfast
All day – Camp set-up
1-2pm Lunch
2pm onwards – Info point.
7-10pm - Training in evening for new arrivals if arrive in time?

Saturday, 1 October

8-9 am - Breakfast
8.30-11.30am - Training if not on the Friday and needed?
11.30am - Possible spokescouncil to discuss roles (leafleters, money collecting, traffic controllers, sign up contact sheet for supporters, objector sheets sign up) and transport to Saturday demo.
11-12pm - Lunch
1pm-4pm: Demonstration against new nuclear in Bridgwater. Gather at the EDF offices in Kings Square and march to Cornhill.
5-5.30 - Camp info and welcome meeting for all
6-7pm: Meeting of the spokescouncil in the camp
7pm: Vegan dinner in the camp at a reasonable cost.
7.30-10.30pm: Nonviolence trainings begin.
8-10.30pm: Acoustic music performances in the camp (bring your instruments)

Sunday, 2 October

7.30-8.30am - Breakfast
8-11am - Non-violence training workshops
11.30am-12.30pm – Spokescouncil
11.30am-1pm – Strategy workshop for French/UK co-operation with Yannick Rousselet
2-4pm - Renewable music workshop (learn some songs and chants for the blockade)
2-5pm: non-violence training workshops
3-5pm: legal observer/legal support workshop
5.30-6.30: spokescouncil
8pm: Last updates and legal infos

Monday, 3 October

From 7.00am: Blockade of Hinkley Point nuclear power station
Afternoon/evening: evaluation and de-briefing meeting in the camp.
Vegan food will be provided in the camp at a reasonable cost.

Tuesday, 4 October

Departure, taking down the camp. Everyone and everything needs to be off-site by 12.00pm!

Transport to Hinkley and the camp

As everyone is organising their transport to the camp and the action, we are receiving news about free seats almost every day. It would help us if you would announce your free seats (including your travel dates and the route) on our travel forum at, as this would make it easier for others to contact you.

So far, we are aware of the following available seats:

PAWB transport departing Wylfa can collect from:
Northwest Wales, Conwy, Llandudno, Rhyl, Prestatyn, Wrexham, Chester no info on no of seats presently

Pixies: Departing Rotherham 2 seats available

Kick Nuclear nine-seater leaving London on Friday, 30 September. So far four seats taken. Contact kicknuclear [at] if you want to join.

1 or 2 minibuses from Bristol, departing Monday morning. Contact swanactive [at] if you want to join.

Leaves Glastonbury on Monday, 3 October at 9am from the Abbey Car Park, returns from Hinkley, 5.00 pm
Tickets £5.00 Return.
To pre book a place on the coach contact Miranda;- mirandabruce [at]

Possibly a minibus from Exeter, depending on demand. Contact exeter [at] urgently, if you are interested.

East Anglia
There will also be a minibus from East Anglia, date at the moment unclear. Contact eastanglia [at] urgently.

Please check our website at for updates, and post your offers on the travel forum.

We need your help

We need a lot of help to make the campaign a success. We need:

  • Drivers (30 September - 4 October, transport to and from the camp, to and from the blockade, and from police stations).
  • 1st aiders (for the camp and the blockade)
  • marquees of any size - from 10-100 persons

Please contact us at campaign [at] if you can help, or have any questions.


One week to go. One week to make this campaign and the blockade a success. Please help us mobilise for the campaign. Talk to your friends, neighbours, colleagues and anyone you can think of to join you at the blockade. We need to send a strong message to EDF and government that we will resist nuclear new built in Britain, not only at Hinkley, but everywhere.


Stop New Nuclear is being organised on a shoe string budget, and we need your donations to make the blockade a success. We need to hire minibuses and other transport for the blockade, we need to set up infrastructure for trainings and workshops in the camp, we need to print more fliers, and and and. Unfortunately, all this costs money.
According to our present calculations, we will be about £1,200 short! Please help us to close this funding shortfall urgently.

Please give generously. You can donate online at, or you can send a cheque made payable to Stop New Nuclear to:

Stop New Nuclear
c/o 5 Caledonian Road
London N1 9DX
Thank you!

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