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Camp timetable

If you have not registered yet, please do so as soon as possible at, we will then send you direction how to get to the camp.
We will have regular information sessions in the camp, and on Saturday and Sunday there is a last chance to participate in non-violence training in the camp. Please contact us on training [at] if you are interested on one of the training workshops in the camp. Or give us a call on 0845-2872381.

Below is an outline of the camp agenda. But please be aware that changes to the agenda are still possible.

Friday, 30th September

8am - Breakfast
All day – Camp set-up
1-2pm Lunch
2pm onwards – Info point.
7-10pm - Training in evening for new arrivals if arrive in time?

Saturday, 1 October

8-9 am - Breakfast
8.30-11.30am - Training if not on the Friday and needed?
11.30am - Possible spokescouncil to discuss roles (leafleters, money collecting, traffic controllers, sign up contact sheet for supporters, objector sheets sign up) and transport to Saturday demo.
11-12pm - Lunch
1pm-4pm: Demonstration against new nuclear in Bridgwater. Gather at the EDF offices in Kings Square and march to Cornhill.
5-5.30 - Camp info and welcome meeting for all
6-7pm: Meeting of the spokescouncil in the camp
7pm: Vegan dinner in the camp at a reasonable cost.
7.30-10.30pm: Nonviolence trainings begin.
8-10.30pm: Acoustic music performances in the camp (bring your instruments)

Sunday, 2 October

7.30-8.30am - Breakfast
8-11am - Non-violence training workshops
11.30am-12.30pm – Spokescouncil
11.30am-1pm – Strategy workshop for French/UK co-operation with Yannick Rousselet
2-4pm - Renewable music workshop (learn some songs and chants for the blockade)
2-5pm: non-violence training workshops
3-5pm: legal observer/legal support workshop
5.30-6.30: spokescouncil
8pm: Last updates and legal infos

Monday, 3 October

From 7.00am: Blockade of Hinkley Point nuclear power station
Afternoon/evening: evaluation and de-briefing meeting in the camp.
Vegan food will be provided in the camp at a reasonable cost.

Tuesday, 4 October

Departure, taking down the camp. Everyone and everything needs to be off-site by 12.00pm!


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