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Morning Star: Anti-nuclear activists trespass Hinckley

Anti-nuclear activists will attempt a mass trespass tomorrow to stop construction of a new nuclear power plant in Somerset.

Demonstrators at a protest camp outside the Hinkley Point construction site were making last-minute preparations today as the Morning Star went to print, with an operation planned for the early hours of Monday morning.

The Stop New Nuclear Alliance's Camilla Berens told the Star the camp was a mix of veteran campaigners and young people - and that for many it was their first taste of civil disobedience.

But they were deadly serious, she said. "We do intend to go over and we do anticipate arrests."

Ms Berens said they have already had to overcome a number of problems.

The police had set up a checkpoint, food and other supplies had failed to make it through and some police officers had found the camp's proximity to the site "a little close for comfort."

But Stop Hinkley and the alliance were liaising with police and had no plans to abandon the effort.

Meanwhile the Greens' new leader Natalie Bennett, who has vowed to join the trespass, said she was as committed as ever.

"There are grave concerns about the safety issues related to nuclear power production, and the waste it produces."

Ms Bennett said renewable energy projects meant Britain did not even need nuclear power but politicians had not listened.

"In the case of Hinckley, it is deeply disturbing that earthworks have already started even though the funding is not yet even in place.

"The whole situation shows real contempt for the democratic process," she said.

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