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Update on mass trespass at Hinkley Point

Press release

The Stop New Nuclear Alliance can now confirm that a total of six people have been arrested following the mass trespass at Hinkley Point nuclear power station. Around 30 people managed to get over the perimeter fence. Three people attached themselves to the fence with bicycle locks. More than 20 others gathered outside the main gate.

Protesters at the site rejected claims by EDF Energy that the company permitted the trespass to take place. Theo Simon, a member of popular festival group, Seize the Day, said the arrests proved the company’s claim to be incorrect.

“The failure by EDF’s security, G4S, to prevent us from getting onto the site raises serious questions for the future protection of this development should EDF Energy gets the go-ahead. Of course, G4S is well acquainted with failure, so perhaps they are now embedding it into their business strategy.”

The Stop New Nuclear Alliance also slammed EDF’s view that the turnout for the trespass was low. “Bt its nature, a mass trespass involves the very real possibility of arrest and many people have commitments that prevent them from taking part,” said spokesperson, Camilla Berens.

“However to have 50 people who were prepared to put their liberty on the line was truly impressive and even the largest campaign groups would be hard pressed to top that number,” she added.

Photographs of the trespass are available at the Stop New Nuclear website:

A video of the trespass is now available on YouTube:

For further information contact Camilla Berens on: 07811 451417


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