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Demotix: Arrests at Hinkley anti-nuclear protest

Anti-nuclear protesters targeted the proposed Hinkley C nuclear power station, climbing over and cutting holes in the fence. Police made several arrests.

Demonstrators from a group called 'Stop New Nuclear', today staged a trespass of the proposed nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point, near Bridgwater, Somerset. It was the culmination of a weekend of action which began with them setting up a makeshift camp next to the current power station on Friday and a march & rally in Bridgwater on Saturday.

Today's protest started early, before 7am protesters had dispersed along the perimeter fence of the proposed new site, outwitting police and security guards by splitting into small groups. Some climbed the fences, others used wire cutters to make their way through. The security guards, employed by G4S, made attempts to prevent protesters getting over the fence but, with the extensive length of the perimeter, their efforts were mostly ineffective; protesters kept moving and used distraction tactics to divert their attention. For the most part, those who got onto the site were allowed to remain and to place banners on the inside fence, under the watchful eye of the security guards.

Protesters also threw seed bombs onto the site which they say is a symbolic attempt to repair the damage already done to the land.

Spokesperson for the Stop New Nuclear Alliance, Camilla Berens hailed the action a success saying:

“Because the government has refused to listen to us and we have been forced to raise the game. We have successfully blockaded the main entrance to Hinkley Point on two occasion in the last year and now we have accomplished a mass trespass. Our message today is that we will continue to raise the game with peaceful protest until our voice in heard.”

There were a number of arrests for public order and criminal damage offences but the protest was peaceful.

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