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GrEeDyF still not able to commit

a blockade of six people which stopped work for four hours

As EDF reports that profits were down 25% in the UK last year, and they scramble to find investors to help them build Hinkley C. It seems that even with government support and subsidies, nuclear power is a bad investment. A report by Citigroup [CITI2009] says “Three of the risks faced by developers— Construction, Power Price, and Operational—are so large and variable that individually they could each bring even the largest utility company to its knees financially. This makes new nuclear a unique investment proposition for utility companies."
They have yet again put off making a final investment decision, perhaps until the autumn. With work onsite stalled and the EPR reactor design proving problematic in Finland, (Okiluto) and France, (Flamenville), now is the time to make the situation even more sticky for the French owned power company. It only takes a few people to block a road for a few hours to cost the company thousands of pounds.... for tips take a look at for Delia's Guide to Basic Blockading. And on this website there are maps and local info that may help any pixies who want to undermine the foundations of the 'nuclear renaissance'. Good luck and stay safe.

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