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Springfields Day of Action 2019

Come and join us for a day of action at Springfields Nuclear Site on 27th April 1pm-8pm The ‘nuclear renaissance’ is foundering, with planned new power stations at Moorside and Wylfa cancelled for now, due to unrealistic economics, leaving China General Nuclear Power Corp and Electricite De France alone pressing ahead with an untested and over budget design at Hinkley Point. However, we must not relent in the fight to kick out nuclear power for good, whether in civil reactors or in Trident. The problem of the accumulated radioactive waste currently being mismanaged in the UK is yet to be resolved. The search is on yet again to find a community that can be persuaded to take on this burden in the form of a Deep Geological Repository (DGR). But like most problems – burying it won’t make it go away. The consultation ends on March 31st and it looks like the preferred host community is in Cumbria. We are coming together on April 27th to mark the 32nd anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, on land still contaminated by that accident, to highlight the ongoing dirty problem of the nuclear industry. The Springfields Plant on Preston New Road in Lancashire is the dark heart of the nuclear industry in the UK, both civil and military. Uranium mined in marginalised communities has been transported here for processing into fuel for over 70 years. It is then transported by road and rail, supplying power stations and weapons factories in the UK and abroad. Currently the responsibility of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, the site continues to manufacture nuclear fuel and by-products such as the highly unstable uranium hexafluoride. We are concerned that the site will be used to manufacture fuel for proposed new Small Modular Reactors, spreading the environmental and health impacts of this technology around the country. One thing is clear – we need to find a solution to the current waste crisis before we go ahead and create yet more of it. We call on the nuclear industry and the government that subsidises it to come clean on the chaotic waste situation at Sellafield, the scale of the project to decommission a generation of defunct and dangerously over extended power stations and on plans for the long term management of our toxic nuclear legacy. Only through a transparent and democratic process can we work towards a sustainable solution for our own and future generations who will inherit the follies of our hubris.

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