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Mke your own Barrel Costumes

Equipment needed:
  • Marker for fabric or tailors chalk
  • Radiation symbol stencil
  • Cotton for sewing machine ideally yellow
  • Non fray fabric 35cm x 5cm as backing material for armhole
  • Marker Pen black for stencil
  • Letter stencils for writing ‘Radioactive Waste’
  • 3×87cm of webbing for straps pre barrel
  • 2 pieces of dowell to connect top and bottom hoops
  • Water pipe to make hoops
  • sewing machines
  • thimbles
  • scissors
  1. Check Fabric width approx 124cm cut off a strip if necessary. (This is the barrel height including turnings). For fabric 144cm cut off a 20cm strip.
  2. Cut Fabric into approx 210cm lengths. For ease of marking above 2 measurements before cutting, use a straight edge piece of wood 124cm long and a straight edge piece of wood 210cm long. Mark a line on fabric before cutting with tailors chalk or coloured ordinary chalk.
  3. Mark arm holes with chalk according to cutting plan.
  4. Zigzag edges to stop fabric fray if this is necessary (yellow fabrics do vary)
  5. Stencil Radiation symbol and lettering front and back (midway between arm holes so symbol is central back and front) using permanent black marker pen. Double check your position is correct before putting marker pen to fabric!
  6. Cut backing strip for arm hole from non fray remnant fabric approx 35cm x 5cm.
  7. Cut slit for arm hole (25cm) on centre line of yellow fabric (35cm from top of fabric) and fold over backing material strip and zigzag to strengthen. (Film shows this clearly)
  8. Fold over and stitch seams top and bottom 15cm minimum ready for pipe insertion.
  9. Join side seam leaving 25cm opening for second arm-hole 20cm down from top stitching. Make sure you don’t sew over the openings for the pipe hoop insertion.
  10. Cut blue water pipe to length for barrel hoops tops and bottoms 200cm.
  11. Cut wooden dowel of diameter 1.5cm into aprox 10cm lengths to use as connectors for pipe ends. Use sand paper to slightly shape ends of dowel so they can go easily into pipe ends.
  12. Insert one length of pipe into the bottom hem then join pipe with the dowel
  13. Join other length of pipe with the dowel to make the top hoop.
  14. On the top hoop measure in 44 cm from dowel wrap insulation tape(the tape itself should be about 2cm wide) around and around this point until there is a perceivable ‘step’ from the pipe. These steps are to stop the webbing straps that you are going to make next from sliding around the pipe and putting strain on the fabric. Then measure a further 3 cm from the first insulation tape and repeat process of wrapping insulation tape around to create a step, you should now have two ‘steps’ near each other.
  15. measure a further 12 cm from the previous tape, mark and repeat taping process, then measure another 3 cm and repeat tape process again you should now have one side of the hoop looking like this
  16. 8C034138-BA79-4222-8DDE-91C7BA10F245_medium.jpg
  17. Turn hoop around and repeat steps 14) and 15) so that you end up with another two steps on the opposite side of the hoop.
  18. Now undo pipe hoop, insert through barrel costume top hem and rejoin with dowel, making sure that the insulation tape steps you just made are orientated to the front and back of the barrels (you can now join the pipes on the dowel which should be near side of the barrels where you started to insert the pipe into the fabric)
  19. Cut 2 lengths of webbing 83cm which will be the shoulder straps.
  20. Feel around to where the steps are on the pipe and carefully put a small cut in the fabric 2cm up from the seam this cut should be between the first two insulation tape ‘steps’), then repeat this for all of the other points where the steps have been created (4 in all). Depending on if your fabric is frayable or not you may need to sew around the edges of the slits to prevent fraying (or take some other suitable measure).
  21. DF7B9509-E067-4701-ADB5-94AEB694F7DA_medium.jpg
  22. Cut two lengths of webbing 83cm
  23. Insert the end through the first cut under and round the pipe and back out through the opening in the fabric, bring the end back over the webbing and tack the end of the webbing into place, take the other end of this piece of webbing and repeat the procedure taking it through the opening on the opposite side of the barrel, once the webbing has been taken around the pipe and back out of the fabric on the other side, tack this end of the webbing into place, there needs to be tension on this webbing enough that the webbing is not slack, but not so tight that it changes the shape of the hoop. Once the correct tension is achieved sew the webbing into place by sewing in a square and then criss-crossing from corner of the square. This should ensure a strong attachment. You should have one tight strap front to back of barrel now.
  24. Repeat step 21) with another piece of webbing between the two remaining holes in the fabric. You should now have two straps front to back on your barrel.
  25. 16639EF8-607D-4FA2-9174-AB8E21300322_medium.jpg
  26. Decide which is the front and back of the barrel then once you have decided measure 24cm from the back along the webbing, and make a mark with tailors chalk, do this on both straps. You are now going to take a final piece of webbing and secure it in the same fashion as you did the other pieces only this time the webbing is going to be attached between the two straps like this below this should ensure that the barrel is balanced when wearing.
  27. 7DFA101B-32F9-49DE-A6FB-334D77C0E5BB_medium.jpg883B5945-29C1-4ADE-83F5-0FF58EBC83C0_medium.jpg

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