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Morning Star online: Activists blockade nuclear plant

More than 200 people blockaded a nuclear power station yesterday in protest at plans to build new reactors at the site.

The Stop New Nuclear alliance, which is composed of several anti-nuclear groups, says it is barring access to Hinkley Point power station in Somerset in protest at EDF Energy's intention to construct two new reactors.

These would be the first of eight new nuclear power stations to be built in Britain.

The protesters, mostly locals, began their blockade at 7am with a theatrical troupe enacting a nuclear disaster scenario similar to the crisis at Japan's Fukushima Dai-ichi plant.

They later launched 206 helium balloons from Hinkley to represent the number of days since the Fukushima incident started.

The organisers said the balloons' journey would be tracked "to show which areas of the West Country will be worst affected should a major disaster happen at Hinkley Point."

Stop New Nuclear spokesman Andreas Speck said the action was "a celebration of resistance against the government and EDF Energy's plans to spearhead the construction of eight new plants."


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