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Stop New Nuclear newsletter no 8, 8 October 2011

Dear all,

thank you everyone for making the blockade of Hinkley Point on 3 October a huge success. For about nine hours, we blockaded the nuclear power station with up to 400 people. This was the biggest anti nuclear power action in Britain for quite some years. It marked the beginning of a new anti nuclear power movement in this country, and you all made this possible.

This time, the blockade was tolerated by EDF and the police. Only one person was arrested when walking on the public footpath along the fence. He was stopped and searched by police, and arrested for possession of a craft knife. Luckily, he was later released from Taunton police station without charge.

Please send us your stories, photos, videos, or whatever you produce to document or reflect on this event. Send your materials to campaign [at] (or send us a download link, if the file(s) are too big for email). We would like to document this blockade (and the demonstration in Bridgwater as well as the camp) on our website, and we need your help.

We also want your feedback. While we had some debriefing after the action at the camp, we would like to hear more from you. Send us whatever you can think of, so that the next action will be even better.

Balloon action

At 12 noon, 206 helium balloons were launched from the blockade. We received five reports of balloons found, and the results have been mapped at Balloons have been found as far away as Luton.
There was a lot of discussion about the environmental impact of balloons, and we heard your criticism. You can be assured that this was the first and last balloon launch by Stop New Nuclear.

Police incident

Those of you who came to the camp after the action are aware of a police incident: a mobile CCTV vehicle of Avon & Somerset police drove onto the camp site, filming all the time. After a while it was possible to persuade them to leave the site.
Stop New Nuclear sees this as a provocation, and we made it very clear that this incident destroyed a lot of the trust between the police and the campaign that had been built in the run-up to the blockade. Subsequently, we received the following email from the police, which we publish without comment:

Sent on behalf of C/ Supt Andy Francis, Silver Commander Late shift.


I am the Silver Commander for the Hinkley Point protest and was in
command when one of my officers encroached upon your campsite after you and your colleagues had returned to the camp.

Firstly can I apologise for the officers actions, he had not been asked to do this but simply to report back on approximate numbers still on the site.

I can confirm that the material that the officer obtained by way of his video recording equipment has been deleted and not retained.

Andy Francis
Chief Superintendent 2182.

Media coverage

We are amazed by the media coverage we got. ITV, BBC, The Independent, Guardian (online only), Telegraph, and lots of regional media covered the demonstration and the blockade, and we produced a first summary at Let us know if we missed something.
Besides the regional and national media, Euronews covered our blockade in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, and other languages. Have a look at

Photos and Videos

Many people took photos and videos. A small selection of photos is available on the Stop New Nuclear website:

Photos are also available at and CND uploaded photos to

We are slowly uploading videos at Please send us your videos and links.

Stop New Nuclear gathering, November 2011, Bristol

The camp, demonstration, and blockade of Hinkley Point was not a one-off, nor was it the end - it should be the beginning of a powerful and creative anti nuclear power movement in Britain, that will stop the plans for eight new nuclear power stations in its tracks. To make this happen, we need you!

We are therefore organising a Stop New Nuclear gathering in Bristol in November (unfortunately, we have not been able to set the date yet), to discuss and plan the next campaigns and actions against nuclear new build in Britain. Please get involved - we need to grow as a movement, and this means we need more people organising our actions.

Please check back for updates and register for the Stop New Nuclear gathering at More information will be available soon.

If you have any ideas for action, please share them in our ideas forum at

News from Hinkley Point

The Environment Agency has extended the deadline for objections to EDF's environmental permit application until 15 December. This means we now have much more time to collect hundreds or even thousands of objections. Please download the objection sheet from, print it, sign it, and send it of to:
PSC, PO Box 4404, Sheffield, S9 4WF

Stop Hinkley is raising funds for a legal challenge to West Somerset Council's decision to grant EDF permission to carry out preparatory work on the site, even though EDF is still far from a permission to construct the power station itself. Stop Hinkley needs to raise about £15,000 for this legal challenge, to please support Stop Hinkley. More information at


The Stop New Nuclear camp and blockade was organised on a shoe string budget. As this was only the beginning, and we need to organise even larger actions of civil disobedience, we still need donations.
Please give generously. You can donate online at, or you can send a cheque made payable to Stop New Nuclear to:
Stop New Nuclear
c/o 5 Caledonian Road
London N1 9DX
Thank you!

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