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Stop New Nuclear block at Climate Justice March, 3 December

On 3 December there will be a march/rally for climate justice in London, to coincide with the Durban climate talks (see As the government and the nuclear industry have been partly successful in selling power as low carbon and a solution to climate change (and people like George Monbiot bought it), it could be a good idea to organise a powerful presence at the Climate Justice March, to bring our argument to the attention of those fighting against climate change.

I think we would need to produce a special flier for that, outlining our arguments why nuclear power is not the solution to climate change. And also it would be good if we would mobilise ourselves, with a specific call for the Climate Justice march which makes the links between nuclear power and climate change.

If we could manage a strong presence, and not just a dozen or so of us, then this could bring our demands to the attention also of the more mainstream climate change organisations, such as the Campaign Against Climate Change, which so far don't have a position on nuclear power (partly because of the influence of Monbiot and others).

It could be an idea to join forces with Rising Tide UK (who have supported the blockade on 3 October, but are not (yet) a member of the Stop New Nuclear alliance.

What do people think?
Andreas Speck

Hi there Andreas,
I think that this is a great idea, I would have liked to join other activists on this demo last year but didn't have enough notice/time to prepare. I too think that this is a good idea both in terms of working with Rising Tide and also in terms of challenging those nuclear apologists such as Monbiot, and to put an end to him & his cronies from hijacking the environmental & social justice movement. Maybe we could collaborate with RT on a flier for the event? There is dialogue beginning now nationally about all of these bottom of the energy barrel 'solutions'...I think this is a perfect idea.

Kate Hudson's picture

I think this is a very good idea but we will need to make a big effort to get a good turn out. Last year some of us had a go at this but our numbers were quite sparse. But it is definitely an audience to break into. We (CND) would be happy to be involved in this proposal.

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