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occupy the building site

Angie Zelter has the following suggestions to make:-
1. To occupy the new Hinkley C site (on a rota basis so fresh affinity groups keep it going), organise fence cutting and disablement of the machinery for building. as soon as possible. But it must be keep nonviolent and only construction machinery touched and we should keep out of the nuclear active part of the nuclear power station - ie only do our direct action on the Hinkley C site.
2. Encourage the local community to support us by organising a 48 hour walk around the whole site with placards adn banners - sponsored to raise money for the campaign. This is an easy to organise, non arrestable action that will bring in non-arrestables who we need to build up the campaign.
3. Send some of our activists to support the action in France on 24/25th November to make stronger personal links with activists there who we can support there and who will support us here.
4. Organise a series of EDF office occupations around the country.

Actions need to start as soon as possible. The sponsored walk around Hinkley could take place over a weekend very soon ........

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