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Fukushima anniversary, 10/11 March 2012

Inspired by a proposal from Germany, where simultaneous demonstrations at 5 nuclear power stations are being discussed, I thought maybe we could also aim for actions/demonstrations at at least three: Hinkley, Sizewell, Wylfa (Wylfa is included as Horizon is most advanced on Wylfa). The options would be:

a) regional demonstrations on 10 or 11 March (Saturday or Sunday), if London/South-East mobilise for Sizewell, Bristol, Swansea, Cardiff, Exeter and South-West for Hinkley, and north-Wales plus Lancaster/Liverpool, etc for Wylfa. Objective would be about 1,000+ at each demonstration – I know it sounds mad ;)

b) smaller, but possibly more NVDA: possibly camps at Hinkley and Sizewell, with announced blockade on Monday, 12 March. I don’t know how far we would be with this one at Wylfa. Would need discussing – there were people from PAWB at the blockade. If there could also be a camp/blockade (maybe it doesn’t need a camp there), that would be great!
Numbers would be smaller then – possibly 100+ at Hinkley and Sizewell, less at Wylfa?

This obviously needs discussing at the meeting in Bristol, but some pre-discussion is always good, and possibly sounding out the different local groups.

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