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No more Fukushimas - 10 March 2012: Surround Hinkley Point

Saturday, 10 March, 2012 - 12:00 to 18:00

Hinkley Point is the first of eight proposed sites for nuclear new build to go ahead. We stopped them here before in 1987, and we can do it again in 2012. If they fail at Hinkley, it is unlikely the “nuclear renaissance” will have the momentum to continue.

On the 10th -11th March 2012, one year since the Fukushima nuclear disaster began, we will return to Hinkley to form a human chain around the station to show our determined opposition to new nuclear.

To ‘Surround Hinkley’ is to demand to have a voice in decisions about our energy future. Help to make this a festival of creative resistance with music, art, theatre, banners, and whatever takes your fancy! To mark the end of the ‘Surround’, there will be a gathering at the main gate of Hinkley for a rally and music. You may want to return on the coaches after the action or stay to blockade the gates for 24 hours. With tents and tubes we will remain at the gates to show our solidarity with the people of Japan.


12.00-1.00pm: Assemble at the main gate
1.00-3.30pm: Surround Hinkley
3.30-6.00pm: Rally in front of the main gate

Followed by a spokescouncil and a 24 hour blockade of Hinkley Point.

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