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‘Surround and Blockade Hinkley’ Information pack.

Welcome to the ‘Surround and Blockade Hinkley’ Information pack.

On 10th and 11th March 2012, Stop New Nuclear Alliance, to whom CND affiliate, are organising a ‘Surround and Blockade’ event at Hinkley nuclear power station in Somerset.

On 10th and 11th March, it will be one year since the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan began.

As you are aware, Hinkley is the first of eight proposed sites for nuclear new build to go ahead. We stopped them there before in 1987 and we can do it again in 2012. EDF are determined to build at Hinkley as this will be their ‘show room’ for the world. If they build there, they hope to be able to build reactors all over the world.

This must not happen!
We must stop new build in its tracks at Hinkley Point!

On 10th March, we will surround Hinkley station, using our bodies, banners, props, ribbons, strength and unity. Afterwards, we will meet for a rally at the main gates and those who wish to show a determined opposition will stay and blockade the gates for 24 hours.

Each group coming to the Surround will take an area of fence line. The plan is to have a different regions, nations, campaign groups and individuals organising to occupy their own section of fence line. You can occupy your area how ever you wish; bring banners, street theatre, costumes, music or your own exhibition - the possibilities are endless! Please come with a plan to occupy as much fence line as possible. For those of you joining us to continue the Blockade into 11th March, please come with everything you need to be effective and comfortable. There are non violent direct action trainings available to help you prepare your group for the Blockade and more information in this information pack on what to bring with you.

Communication will be undertaken using the 'spokes council' method which will sometimes be difficult as, during the Surround, we will be very spread out. We have a plan for this so please, if you have not used spokes councils to communicate and make decisions at actions or events before or if you would like more information on affinity groups, contact the training group and they will help you organise a training in your area.

We will have a space on the website ready for your ‘affinity group’ to add their details and how much space they can take up along the fence line and if they would like to continue by joining the 24hr blockade.

As you will see in this pack, there are a few ways to make your way to the fence line. As there is only one way to the main gate, we will be asking different groups to make their way in from different points. We hope that some affinity groups will decide for themselves, after reading the information in this pack, which route they would like to take and what area of fence line they wish to occupy for the Surround.

In This Info Pack

  • Introduction
  • Why Hinkley Point
  • Fukushima Update
  • Making Connections
  • Mobilising
  • Affinity Groups and Spokes Councils
  • What to bring
  • Basic Legal Briefing
  • Legal Observers /Support / Police Liaison
  • After the Blockade Finishes
  • Nonvoilence guidelines
  • Getting There
  • We need your help
  • Contacts

Download the attached briefing pack as PDF!


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