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Notes from police liaison meeting, 7 March 2012

Present: Neil, Craig Kirk, Bruce Turnbull (Avon & Somerset police), Zoe Smith & Andreas Speck, Stop New Nuclear

At the beginning of the meeting, we were introduced to Neil, who will be part of the Avon & Somerset “protester engagement team” on 10 and 11 March, during the night shift. They will be joined by three other officers: Pete, Debbie, David (if we got these names correctly).

Craig gave us the answer from the silver commander to the questions we raised last time:

Toilets: we were informed that the police is not happy with the toilets in a layby near the gate. We asked if they can go into the car park instead, and Craig said he will need to consult with EDF, but personally he doesn't see a problem with it.

Tea stall: We passed on the dimensions of the tea stall to the police, and are awaiting their response if it can go into the layby or on a verge near the gate.

Car parking: The car park is available until Sunday afternoon. People who want to risk arrest might still want to make arrangements about their car, so that someone else can drive the car off the car park if needed.

EDF injunction against named and unnamed barn occupiers: We were informed by the police that persons covered by the injunction do not have permission from EDF to use the car park. If they do so, they might be arrested.
There is some ambiguity what constitutes “occupying”, which means that people who visited might be arrested if they want to use the car park.

Hay bales: We asked the police about hay bales, and getting the delivered at about 11am on Saturday, and picked up at about 3pm on Sunday.

Setting up/taking down: We asked the police about driving up stuff at about 11am, and again driving up to the gate on Sunday at about 3pm, to take away stuff. We are awaiting a reply.

Communication: We gave the police a dedicated mobile number for our police liaison team, and we also got a mobile number for Bruce Turnbull for urgent stuff before Saturday. We will get an email from Craig with the mobile numbers for the different shifts of the police on 10/11 March.

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