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The Camp

Friday, 30 September until Tuesday, 4 October

SizewellCamp2011.jpgThe camp is not only a space for sleeping and eating (vegetarian and vegan food will be available), but it is also a place to practice our alternatives, and to participate in non-violence training. If you are not (yet) part of an affinity group, we will help to form affinity groups during the non-violence training workshops in the camp.

Please note, the camp is an alcohol and drug free zone. Children are very welcome, but we have no capacity to provide any specific facilities, so make sure your children have plenty to do.
As there are sheep nearby, dogs are not allowed on the camp site.

In order to help us to plan food and other activities, we encourage everyone to register for the camp at

We also ask you to contribute to the camp costs. We suggest a donation from £5-£20. The kitchen will need to cover its costs too – they will need donations.

Note: While we encourage everyone to come to the camp in the days before the blockade, we are also aware that not everyone has the time or is able to camp. For the latter group we are organising accommodation with other people locally, to allow as many people as possible to arrive early for the blockade, and to take part in the training and decision making in the camp.

However, if you are unable to arrive early, you should not feel discouraged from participating in the blockade, provided you organise your own transport. You should attempt to arrive at Hinkley Point at 7am, but feel free to join in any time during the morning of 3 October.


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