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Stop New Nuclear newsletter no 4, 1 September 2011

Dear all,

welcome to our fourth Stop New Nuclear newsletter. There are only four weeks left before the blockade of Hinkley Point on 3 October, and we need your help with the final mobilisation and organising. We now have more than 80 blockading pledges, and more than 130 supporting pledges, plus 16 organisational pledges. We are especially pleased about two recent organisational pledges: Sortir du Nucléaire Nord Franche-Comté from the north of France, and Pobol Atal Wylfa B/People Against Wylfa B from Anglesey. This support from other nuclear sites is extremely important, as Stop New Nuclear is about stopping new nuclear power stations in Britain, no matter if they want to build them at Hinkley or Sizewell, or at Wylfa, or anywhere else. We are at the moment focusing on Hinkley Point, as this is the first one they - in this case EDF (Électricité de France) - want to build, and if we can stop them there, we will be able to stop nuclear new build in Britain in its tracks.

Plans for the blockade weekend in October

The plans for the blockade weekend in October are shaping up. The Stop New Nuclear camp (see below) will be available from 30 September until 4 October, and we are also looking for people in the area to provide accommodation for people coming from further away who cannot or do not want to camp. Please contact us on campaign [at] if you have places to offer, or if you need accommodation.

The action will begin with a demonstration in Bridgwater on Saturday, 1 October, at 1pm. The chronology of events for the weekend is summarised below.

Saturday, 1 October

1pm-4pm: Demonstration against new nuclear in Bridgwater. Gather at the EDF offices in Kings Square and march to Cornhill. After the demonstration, there will be transport available to the camp.
5pm: First meeting of the spokescouncil in the camp
7pm: Vegan dinner in the camp at a reasonable cost.
8 pm: Nonviolence trainings begin. Acoustic music performances in the camp (bring your instruments)

Sunday, 2 October

During the day: non-violence training workshops
3-5pm: legal observer/legal support workshop
8pm: Last updates and legal infos
During the day: meetings of the spokescouncil, as and when needed
There will also be an anti-nuke chant and song workshop on Sunday, so we have some joint songs and chants for the blockade.
Vegan food available in the camp at a reasonable cost.

Monday, 3 October

From 7.00am: Blockade of Hinkley Point nuclear power station
Afternoon/evening: evaluation and de-briefing meeting in the camp.
Vegan food will be provided in the camp at a reasonable cost.

Tuesday, 4 October

Departure, taking down the camp.

The chronology and more detailed information are also in our briefing pack, available for online reading and download at

News from Hinkley Point

There have been reports recently about the diggers moving in at Hinkley Point, after West Somerset Council gave permission for preliminary works at Hinkley Point to begin (see, for example: Diggers roll in as nuclear finds its feet in Somerset, Western Daily Press, 22 August 2011). However, these reports are wrong. While there are undoubtedly diggers on the photo, these are on the existing site dealing with the removal of asbestos.
Although EDF has now planning consent, a small detail called a "section 106 agreement" is still missing. This agreement is basically about the money EDF has to pay, because West Somerset Council will have to upgrade infrastructure to make it fit for Hinkley Point C (see

However, the Environment Agency is presently consulting on two environmental permit application in relation to Hinkley Point C:

  • make disposals and discharges of radioactive wastes
  • operate combustion processes (standby generators).

Objections to both applications need to be in by 6 October 2011.

More information is available on the website of the Environment Agency at

Legal challenges

Greenpeace recently served the papers for a legal challenge to the National Policy Statement on nuclear power generation, which was passed by parliament on 18 July, and designated by Chris Huhne, the minister for energy and climate change only one day later. The National Policy Statement forms the basis for any planning decision by the Infrastructure Planning Commission, and so a judicial review is highly significant, and can lead to delays. More information is available on the Greenpeace website at

Stop Hinkley is also preparing for legal challenges, and is currently taking legal advice about which of the many different planning decisions in relation to Hinkley Point C Stop Hinkley should challenge, but whichever we choose, the financial burden will be huge. Stop Hinkley is therefore appealing for donations for any legal challenge now. Find out more at

Legal briefing for the blockade on 3 October

Finally, the more detailed legal briefing for the blockade of Hinkley Point on 3 October is available on our website. Everyone - no matter if you plan to blockade or support - should read the legal briefing carefully. The legal briefing is available at
There will also be a final legal briefing in the camp on Sunday, 2 October, in the evening.

The Camp

We are slowly receiving registrations for the Stop New Nuclear camp from 30 September until 4 October, near Hinkley and Bridgwater. The camp is not only a space for sleeping and eating (vegetarian and vegan food will be available), but it is also a place to practice our alternatives, and to participate in non-violence training. If you are not (yet) part of an affinity group, we will help to form affinity groups during the non-violence training workshops in the camp.

Please note, the camp is an alcohol and drug free zone. Children are very welcome, but we have no capacity to provide any specific facilities, so make sure your children have plenty to do.
As there are sheep nearby, dogs are not allowed on the camp site.

In order to help us to plan food and other activities, we encourage everyone to register for the camp at


A first non-violence training took place in Bristol on 21 August 2011. One of the participants reports:
People from all walks of life attended the NVDA training in Bristol. "We shared hopes and fears for the October action and about the future of nuclear power. Then we got to try out some practical stuff like arm tubes and D locks, as well as good old fashioned arm linking and passive resistance. It is amazing how strong the links are until you tickle them, (our police were distinctly non-aggressive, lets hope the real ones on the day are just as gentle). We also talked about our rights and what to expect if we are arrested, with top tips about what to have in your pockets, (high energy nuts) and what not to, (penknives, phones, credit cards). We looked at different roles that people might take on the day such as legal observer, and had some practice at consensus decision making. We plan to meet again before the blockade to help cement affinity groups and prepare for action!"

A second training took place in Swansea on 1 September. More trainings are scheduled, and even more might happen. The trainings that have been organised so far are:

Glastonbury, 10 September 2011, 11am-2pm:
Place: Tor Leisure Centre, Street Road, Glastonbury, BA6 9EF.
Contact: Phone: 01278-732921, email: stowey.hockpit [at]

Bridgwater, 11 September 2011, 1.30pm-4pm:
Place: 1.30-4 pm at Quaker Meeting house, 10 Friarn St, Bridgwater, TA6 3LH
Contact: Mobile 07980 731896

Compton Dundon, 12 September 2011, 10am-5pm
Place: Earth Spirit Centre, Compton Dundon (4/5 miles south of Glastonbury).
Contact: Phone: 01278-732921, email: stowey.hockpit [at]

London, 18 September 2011, 1-5pm
Place: London Activist Resource Centre (LARC), 62 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1ES
Contact: london [at]

Leeds, 25 September 2011, 2-6pm
Place: Leeds Metropolitan University - City Campus, LS1 3HE, Caleverley Building, Room CL 309
Contact: Yorkshire CND, phone 01274 730 795, Email dominic [at]

Check for updates at


A coach is being organised from Glastonbury to Hinkley Point, to demonstrate in support of the blockade. The coach will leave Glastonbury at 9am, which means it will arrive during the blockade, which will begin at 7am. To pre-book a place on the coach contact Miranda: mirandabruce [at]

People from the north-west of Wales who want to join the blockade should also contact PAWB at info.pawb [at], as there are ideas to organise a coach or minibus.

And there will also be a coach from Bristol on 3 October, but the times haven't been set yet. If you are interested, please contact swanactive [at]

We will publish more information on transport as it comes in at But please also use our travel forum at to offer and search for lifts, or coordinate your travel.

We need your help

We need a lot of help to make the campaign a success. We need:

  • Drivers (30 September - 4 October, transport to and from the camp, to and from the blockade, and from police stations).
  • 1st aiders (for the camp and the blockade)
  • marquees of any size - from 10-100 persons

Please contact us at campaign [at] if you can help, or have any questions.


Four weeks to go. Four weeks to make this campaign and the blockade a success. Please help us mobilise for the campaign. If you need fliers (see, please let us know, and we will send you some as long as stock lasts. And talk to your friends, neighbours, colleagues and anyone you can think of to join you at the blockade. We need to send a strong message to EDF and government that we will resist nuclear new built in Britain, not only at Hinkley, but everywhere.


Stop New Nuclear is being organised on a shoe string budget, and we need your donations to make the blockade a success. We need to hire minibuses and other transport for the blockade, we need to set up infrastructure for trainings and workshops in the camp, we need to print more fliers, and and and. Unfortunately, all this costs money.

Please give generously. You can donate online at, or you can send a cheque made payable to Stop New Nuclear to:
Stop New Nuclear
c/o 5 Caledonian Road
London N1 9DX
Thank you!

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