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Stop New Nuclear group plans protests against Hinkley expansion

Campaigners opposed to the UK's government's nuclear expansion programme are planning a series of events at Hinkley Point power station near Burnham-On-Sea.

From September 11th, the Stop New Nuclear group will be holding a series of events to highlight what they claim are the dangers of nuclear power – and to demand safer alternatives.

This will culminate in a mass blockade of Hinkley Point power station on October 3rd.

"The media spotlight may have moved away from Fukushima but radiation continues to pour out of the power plant, contaminating the air, soil and sea," claimed Nikki Clark, spokesperson for the Stop New Nuclear alliance, on Friday.

"If Germany can commit itself to a nuclear-free future using bridging technologies like combined heat and power (CHP), why can’t we? We urge people in the UK to join us to protest against EDF Energy’s preparations to build two mega-reactors at Hinkley Point."

Source:, 9 September 2011,

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