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Stop New Nuclear newsletter no 3, 15 August 2011

Dear all,

welcome to our third Stop New Nuclear newsletter. We especially welcome all new pledgers and subscribers. Please share and forward this newsletter.

1st Police Liaison Meeting on Sat 13th August in Bridgwater from 8a.m. to 9.15a.m.

With Zoe Smith (taking notes), Andreas Speck and Angie Zelter for Stop New Nuclear and

Stop New Nuclear presentation

A presentation on the Stop New Nuclear campaign

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Map of Bridgwater (for demonstration, 1 October)


Briefing pack for the blockade of Hinkley Point on 3 October 2011

Briefing Pack for Hinkley 3rd October 2012.png

Stop New Nuclear

Stop New Nuclear is a new alliance of national and local anti nuclear groups campaigning against the construction of new nuclear power stations in Britain. After years of lobbying and consulting, the government approved eight sites for nuclear new build in Britain on 23 June 2011, and the approval of parliament was given in July 2011.


Swansea: Non-violence training for Stop New Nuclear

1 September 2011

A non-violence training for people from Swansea interested in participating in the Stop New Nuclear blockade of Hinkley Point on 3 October will take place on Thursday, 1 September 2011, from 7pm to 9:45pm.

Place: Environment Centre, Pier Street, Swansea.

Contact: swanseacnd [at]


Japan’s prime minister wants a future without nuclear power

From:, 8 August 2011

Japan’s prime minster, using the occasion of Friday’s anniversary of the Hiroshima atomic bomb dropped by the United States, has pledged a nuclear free future for his country – making it a fourth nation to turn it’s back on atomic energy in the wake of Fukushima Daiichi.

Charles Digges, 08/08-2011

Map of Hinkley Point (on

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Satellite image of Hinkley Point

Stop New Nuclear newsletter no 2, August 2011

Dear all,

Welcome all new subscribers to the Stop New Nuclear newsletter, please share and distribute as widely as possible.

At the last count we had received 150 pledges, 50 of them to blockade, with Rising Tide UK adding their weight with an organisational pledge.

NVDA workshops are being organised in London, Bristol, Glastonbury, Swansea, Yorkshire and Oxford. If you can organise a venue near you, we can provide training materials and inform other local pledgers, so please get in touch.


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