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Application by NNB Generation Co (EDF) to the Environment Agency for permits to discharge radioactive substances from the proposed Hinkley Point C power station

Note: Please make sure you email an objection to EDF's application to discharge radioactive substances into the air and sea from the proposed Hinkley C power station. Below is a suggested letter of objection.

to arrive by the deadline for comments – Thursday 15 December.

Copy and paste this letter of objection into your email.
Feel free to change or personalise the wording if you wish.
Or download the attached PDF file and collect signatures.

We, the undersigned, object to the above mentioned environmental permit application by NNB Generation Company Limited.

NNB GenCo plans to discharge radioactive substances into the sea and air. We believe that no dose of radiation is safe. Radiation damage is cumulative. Each dose received adds to the risk of develo­ping cancer, or mutating genes in the reproductive cells. In 2008, a major German study found large increases in infant cancers near all German nuclear power stations. This so-called KiKK study (Child­hood cancers in the vicinity of nu­clear power stations) reported a 2.2-fold increase in leukaemia risks and a 1.6-fold increase in embryonal cancer risks among children under five living within five kilometers of all German nuclear power stations.
A 2007 study by researchers at the University of South Carolina analysing 17 research papers covering 136 nuclear sites in the UK, Canada, France, USA, Germany, Japan and Spain, also “show[ed] an increase in childhood leukaemia near nuclear facilities”. They found that death rates for children up to the age of nine were elevated by between five and 24 per cent, depending on their proximity to nuclear facilities, and by two to 18 per cent in children and young people up to the age of 25. Incidence rates were increased by 14 to 21 per cent in zero to nine-year-olds and seven to ten percent in zero to 25-year-olds.
A French survey from 2008 of 26 mul­ti-site studies of childhood cancers near nuclear facilities came to a simi­lar conclusion.
A number of studies have shown a higher incidence than expected of various cancers in Burnham-on-Sea, the town immediately downwind from Hinkley Point.
We believe that these studies show that the discharges of radioactive substances that NNB GenCo is applying for would increase the risk of cancer in the proximity, and would therefore fail to protect people and the environment.


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