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Stop New Nuclear newsletter

Here you can read the issues of the Stop New Nuclear newsletter.

Stop New Nuclear newsletter no 3, 15 August 2011

Dear all,

welcome to our third Stop New Nuclear newsletter. We especially welcome all new pledgers and subscribers. Please share and forward this newsletter.

Stop New Nuclear newsletter no 2, August 2011

Dear all,

Welcome all new subscribers to the Stop New Nuclear newsletter, please share and distribute as widely as possible.

At the last count we had received 150 pledges, 50 of them to blockade, with Rising Tide UK adding their weight with an organisational pledge.

NVDA workshops are being organised in London, Bristol, Glastonbury, Swansea, Yorkshire and Oxford. If you can organise a venue near you, we can provide training materials and inform other local pledgers, so please get in touch.

Stop New Nuclear newsletter no 1, July 2011

Dear all,

Welcome to Stop New Nuclear's first newsletter. You receive this newsletter because you have signed one of the pledges, or you signed up to the newsletter. Thank you for this.

We plan to send a newsletter to all pledgers and newsletter subscribers about once a month, and possibly more frequently in the weeks before the blockade. Feel free to share and distribute this newsletter.


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