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Stop New Nuclear press releases

Press releases of Stop New Nuclear

Anti-nuclear activists claim victory over EDF Energy

Anti-nuclear groups today successful fought off a bit by EDF Energy to impose a blanket ban on demonstrations occurring on land earmarked for a new nuclear power plant in Somerset.

At the High Court this afternoon, EDF Energy failed in their bid to impose an injunction to stop an alliance of anti-nuclear groups from protesting on the 400-acre site set aside for two new mega-reactors at Hinkley Point.

EDF Energy attempts to shut down peaceful protest

The Stop New Nuclear alliance [1] has reacted with outrage at EDF Energy’s attempts to restrict peaceful protest against a proposed new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset.

The French firm is seeking an injunction which would limit current and future protests at the controversial site, which has faced fierce local and national opposition. The move comes ahead of major demonstrations planned for 10-11th March, which Stop New Nuclear have said will still be going ahead.

Hinkley Point blockaders declare victory over EDF Energy

Anti-nuclear protesters have declared the mass blockade at Hinkley Point today as a victory over EDF Energy. The nine-hour blockade in Somerset attracted supporters from all over the UK. Several came from as far afield as Ireland, Germany and Belgium.

Stop New Nuclear spokesperson, Andreas Speck, said the blockade has put the government and EDF on the back foot. ‘Following the interest this blockade has attracted, both regionally and nationally, the government and EDF can no longer claim that the we need nuclear energy to keep the lights on.’

Blockaders release 206 balloons to spotlight radiation threat

Protesters blocking the entrance to Hinkley Point nuclear power station will release a total of 206 helium balloons at midday. Each balloon represents a day that has passed since the catastrophic explosions at the Fukushima power plant in Japan.

The balloons are printed with radiation symbols and carry a message asking the finder to text a designated telephone number with their location.

The journey will then be mapped to show residents in the south west of the UK how vulnerable they are to radioactive contamination in the event of an accident at Hinkley Point.

Blockaders begin mass protest outside Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station:

More than 200 people have successfully sealed off the main entrance to Hinkley Point nuclear power station in Somerset.

Convoys of protesters began to arrive at the main gate shortly before 7am. The entrance is just yards away from where EDF Energy is making a bid to build two new mega-reactors.

The blockade was launched with the arrival of a theatrical troupe who enacted a nuclear disaster scenario similar to Fukushima. Approximately 70% of protesters are from the South West. Others have come from as far afield as Belgium and Germany.

Workers at Hinkley C nuclear power plant in for a raw deal

A leading environmental activist warned today that jobs at EDF Energy’s proposed nuclear power plant in Somerset would either be non-existent or ‘from the bottom of the barrel.’

Yannick Rousselet from Greenpeace France said the work situation at EDF Energy’s protoype EPR reactor at Flamanville in northern France was ‘shameful.’ He added that far from the secure, long-term jobs that local people had been promised, unemployment had risen in the area since construction began.

Bridgwater marchers call for an end to nuclear power

Photographs of the anti-nuclear march and rally against EDF Energy's plan to build two new mega-reactors at Hinkley Point power station can be found at: This link will also provide photos of the Stop New Nuclear camp and images of the blockade from Monday afternoon.

More than 150 people marched through Bridgwater today to protest against EDF Energy’s plan for two new mega-reactors at Somerset’s Hinkley Point nuclear power station.

Global anti-nuclear protests mark six month anniversary of Fukushima on 9/11

Campaigners opposed to the UK’s government’s ‘nuclear renaissance’ will be taking part in a global wave of action in support of communities in Japan who are calling for an end to nuclear power.

This year, September 11th marks two disasters. Not only will the spotlight turn to the US and the tenth anniversary of 9/11 but also to the hundreds of thousands who have been affected by the nuclear catastrophe at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant since it began exactly six months ago.

Nuclear power plant decision branded a travesty by campaigners

Anti-nuclear campaigners have slammed a council’s decision to allow EDF Energy to begin clearing land earmarked for a nuclear reactor. And they pledged to step-up their campaign of direct action against the energy giant.

Activists from the Stop New Nuclear network branded West Somerset Council’s decision yesterday to allow EDF to start bulldozing 400 acres next to Somerset’s Hinkley Point nuclear power station as a ‘circus and a travesty’. The planning committee’s decision paves the way for preparatory work to begin on the Hinkley C mega-reactor.

Activists slam government decision on 'new nuclear' power

An anti-nuclear alliance has branded the government’s decision to give the green light to a new generation of nuclear power stations as, ‘grossly irresponsible’. And the campaigners have vowed to step up plans for a mass blockade of Hinkley Point nuclear power station this autumn.

Speaking as the House of Commons today debates the government’s National Policy Statement on the construction of ten new nuclear power reactors, Nikki Clark, a spokesperson for Stop New Nuclear said:


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