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Stop New Nuclear trainings

In order to stop new nuclear power in the UK we need to work together efficiently and look after each other.

With this aim Stop New Nuclear are organising training for those planning to take part in the mass action at Hinkley Point, Somerset on
10th and 11th March 2012.

The free training will prepare people with techniques and strategies for civil disobedience and non-violent direct action, and provide reassurance and information for those new to this type of activity. It will also provide people with the tools needed for effective consensus decision making. These sessions will be invaluable in the formation of affinity groups (, and local networking.

If you feel you could help organise a training session in your area please get in touch. We will provide information and support to make it happen.

There will also be training for those interested in providing legal support during and after the action in February. These skills will be transferable to other campaigns you may be involved in.

This needs to happen soon. We have three months to prepare everybody and make this a powerful movement of resistance.


Email training [at]
Phone 0845-2872381

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