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Springfields Day of Action 2019

Come and join us for a day of action at Springfields Nuclear Site on 27th April 1pm-8pm The ‘nuclear renaissance’ is foundering, with planned new power stations at Moorside and Wylfa cancelled for now, due to unrealistic economics, leaving China General Nuclear Power Corp and Electricite De France alone pressing ahead with an untested and over budget design at Hinkley Point. However, we must not relent in the fight to kick out nuclear power for good, whether in civil reactors or in Trident.

2019 Springfields Flyer

Download flyer for April 2019 Action and share

Occupy EDF 15th Feb

The group South-West Against Nuclear (SWAN) are calling for an international day of action and occupation of EDF offices/facilities on Monday15th Febuary to demand that EDF withdraw from the Hinkley C project & give up their nuclear ambitions in the UK. On the following day, February 16th cash-strapped EDF will meet to decide whether to continue with their new nuclear plant at Hinkley C in Somerset or not. It could go either way.

GrEeDyF still not able to commit

a blockade of six people which stopped work for four hours

As EDF reports that profits were down 25% in the UK last year, and they scramble to find investors to help them build Hinkley C. It seems that even with government support and subsidies, nuclear power is a bad investment. A report by Citigroup [CITI2009] says “Three of the risks faced by developers— Construction, Power Price, and Operational—are so large and variable that individually they could each bring even the largest utility company to its knees financially. This makes new nuclear a unique investment proposition for utility companies."

Austrian campaign puts pressure on Brussels over subsidies

This is your chance to add your voice to their letter of complaint.
For background on the campaign follow this link:
To use the quick and easy response form, look here:


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